Rick Shaffer – Tightrope Ride

Rick Shaffer – Tightrope Ride – Album Review What in the artwork Batman?  If only we had a window into the soul of the psyche I tell ya. I’m half-convinced that even in the event of some kind of mass catastrophe taking place worldwide, there would somehow still be Rick Shaffer standing there at the […]Read More

Rick Shaffer

Rick Shaffer Interview SBS: Rick!  Long time my brother – welcome back to our pages.  I’m stoked to get into talking about the new record Broken Souls, and we’ll get there.  Let’s start out by filling in the gaps for us.  Last time we heard from ya was when we reviewed your record Creatures Of […]Read More

Bruce Cohen

Interview With Bruce Cohen SBS:  Bruce!  My man!  It has almost been FIVE YEARS since we last connected – can you believe that?  Four and a half years to be truthful, I’m rounding up – but that’s one heck of a long time!  From the looks of things, you’ve been plenty busy, as expected of […]Read More

Rick Shaffer – Creatures Of Impulse

Rick Shaffer – Creatures Of Impulse – Album Review So much can change in a few years!  Last we caught up with Rick Shaffer was back in 2015 when we did an interview with the man and a review on what was his sixth solo-record at the time called Jitterbug Shake.  Here we are now […]Read More

Rick Shaffer

Well…readers you know that I cannot tell you any lies…this one was a tough one for me to read back…but a very rewarding experience in doing so.  There’s a wide array of emotion in this interview with Rick Shaffer, whom we just reviewed recently for his solo-album Jitterbug Shake; some of them heated, passionate, direct […]Read More

Rick Shaffer – Jitterbug Shake

Rick Shaffer – Jitterbug Shake – Album Review Considering I was bracing myself for something more akin to The Brian Setzer Orchestra…I’ve been breathing a steady sigh of relief listening to the music of Rick Shaffer’s latest album Jitterbug Shake, thankful that I’ve not been taken into the sounds of swing or anything ‘big-band.’ Something […]Read More