SBS Podcast 029

For those that have been waiting on a country-music episode…your day has finally arrived! Country tunes from throughout the independent music-scene including songs from Donica Knight, Jacob Bryant, Madelyn Victoria, Cody Webb, Ray William Roldan, Savannah Philyaw and Dylan Schneider. We’ll switch it up as well to end the show on a different note with […]Read More

SBS Podcast 017

On this week’s show we get right to the heart of what makes a single…how timing factors in…and what the heck their purpose really is! Join Jer @ SBS as he rambles on about that & more throughout the episode, playing extraordinary tunes from your incredible independent music-scene including: Tune Tank, Maximum High, Roger Cole […]Read More

Ray William Roldan

Ray William Roldan Interview SBS: Ray! Buddy! Pal! Thanks so much for being here and taking some time to talk to us! I’ve got lots of questions…but we’re gonna have to get pretty serious right off the drop here my friend…first beginning with, where the heck did your website go? Brother-man! For real! We’re supposed […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 013

We’re celebrating all-things Carry Illinois on the SBS Podcast as Ryan cracks into a two-part interview special here today featuring an interview with lead-singer/song-writer Lizzy Lehman. Part I here takes you to earlier this year when Ryan first talked with LL just before Carry Illinois went on tour this fall. Check out her thoughts pre-tour, […]Read More