SBS Podcast 081

Servin’ it up to ya 2x throughout this episode – the double-shots on the SBS Podcast return! We’ve got killer cuts from Batfarm and Jas Frank & The Intoits on the show today, brand-new tunes from David Stephenson and Love Ghost, and a couple classics from good ol’ Pinto And The Bean in the mix […]Read More

SBS Podcast 058

Another spectacular show filled with audio-awesomeness from all over the independent scene, including brand-new tunes from Untitled Art, Peter Senior, and I, Useless! Plus a whole army of killer cuts and past artists you know from our show including tunes from The Betters, Outrun The Arrow, Aztec, Pinto And The Bean, Sam And The Black […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 006

Latest episode of the SBS Podcast with Ryan & Jer is up with Part I of an interview/music with Pinto And The Bean & additional music from The Yellow Dress and Man Made Lake – check it out!Read More

Pinto & The Bean

Presumably…many of you out there reading are in bands or finding your way into music right now… I often get asked about ‘how’ to answer interview questions from people that haven’t had much experience yet – and today we are not talking to those people. No…today, we’re talking to two musical masterminds and interview geniuses…Paul […]Read More

Pinto And The Bean – Transit-Eons

Pinto And The Bean – Transit-Eons – EP Review I woke up in the afternoon for once in my life…probably the first documented case of that written here on our pages in nearly three full years. For some reason getting up later in a day really triggers a strong need to get things moving quickly…and […]Read More