Pastobal – Nature

Pastobal – Nature – EP Review I tell ya…I know what I’ve gotta stop doing around here lol.  My fellow music-reviewers out there will likely know what I’m talking about – it’s the ‘extra song’ – that one tiny add-on that people, bands, & artists like to make at some point along the process.  What […]Read More

Pastobal – Logon Calling

Pastobal – Logon Calling – Album Review Just about less than forty-eight hours to go before the official release of the brand-new record from Pastobal called Logon Calling, due out on the 17th of October.  If you’ve been checking out the page over the past week or so, then you’ve already had a chance to […]Read More

Pastobal – “My Planet”

Pastobal – “My Planet” – Single Review Pastobal…you know I love ya…but I swear if I have to somehow dive into yet another new genre here, I might just lose my mind!  When you look at the new video for “My Planet” at YouTube, you’ll notice in the write-up that it mentions it’s ‘an eroticastral […]Read More

Pastobal – EP#2

Pastobal – EP#2 – EP Review Interesting music from Paris, France…I’ve been checking out a band called Pastobal over these past couple days and the latest release, EP#2.  Their new record consists of four tracks, a set of originals, then those same two originals remixed into completely all-new electro-compositions.  With the unique approach taken to […]Read More