Cyborg Asylum – “Paradigm Shift”

Cyborg Asylum – “Paradigm Shift” – Single Review Definitely an interesting tune…there’s much potential here in Cyborg Asylum; I think there’s a few obstacles maybe yet to overcome, but there’s definitely lots for them to branch off of here on their single “Paradigm Shift” from their record Never Finished, Only Abandoned. So…what’s working well…  I […]Read More

Oji – “Paradigm Shift”

Sometimes a simple, basic concept can really fit the mood.  That’s how I felt when creating this video for Oji and the song “Paradigm Shift.”  Once again making use of the dark…you’ll see what I mean…I tried not to over-think this one and just let the video suit the mystery in the music’s atmosphere.  And […]Read More