Nullsaurus – “Forever Is Not Enough”/”Burn You Down”

Nullsaurus – “Forever Is Not Enough”/”Burn You Down” – Singles Review Like clockwork, a new year means new music from Nullsaurus – ya gotta respect that work ethic.  A continual creator, each step this project has taken has been a strong step forward – present singles included in that statement.  I think the dude’s done […]Read More

Nullsaurus – Soundcloud Songs

Nullsaurus – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review Always excellent to check out what Nullsaurus is up to – I feel like it’s a project that’s inclined to always keep us guessing as to what might come next.  Been about a year or so since we listened to & reviewed the Nullsaurus self-titled EP – and […]Read More

Nullsaurus – Nullsaurus

Nullsaurus – Nullsaurus – EP Review Here we go!  Some of that good old-fashioned electro-industrial music flowing out of these speakers right now through the innovative twists & turns on display throughout the new ideas he’s putting together over the course of songs from the upcoming official EP release.  Keeping in mind that things are […]Read More