SBS Podcast 149

We’ve got all kinds of art you can hear with your face-holes this week!  That’s right!  Awesome audible art in all kinds of ways for you all to enjoy on this episode of the SBS Podcast.  We’ll be spinning songs from Stone Poets, Noho Fidel And _____, Kay L.A., and Leo Harmonay today, in addition […]Read More

Noho Fidel And _______ – Collaboratorium

Noho Fidel And _______ – Collaboratorium – EP Review “Honesty is valued more than kindness.”  #AmenToThat Lemme put good ol’ Noho Fidel at ease here, and assure the dude that’s the only way that I know how to work…that’s how this whole system/machine here runs.  However…experience has taught me that you get a whole lot […]Read More