mentalEscape – Grunge Tape

mentalEscape – Grunge Tape – Album Review Well I’ve certainly learned a few new things so far! Like…here’s a fun fact you might not know – when you pull a record off of Spotify, it still leaves an unplayable impression?  Who knew that?  So like, what – we get to LOOK at it for the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 042

A lineup full of inspired indie artists & bands sure to have an awesome year in 2018 – including rants on new music Monkey Fightin’ Snakes and Rainy Day Crush!  Tons of rad reasons to check this new episode out – here’s a whole list of’em below!   Your official show lineup includes: Crow Eats […]Read More

mentalEscape – Drama

mentalEscape – Drama – EP Review Hats off to Mirza Causevic, the man behind the music of mentalEscape – over the course of his eight new cuts on his Drama EP, he really brought me to a great combination of nostalgia & an all-new experience.  Nostalgic because it took me right back to when I […]Read More

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