Mark Schirmacher

Mark Schirmacher Interview SBS:  Mark!  Thanks for chattin’ with us brother-man!  I’ve known about you and your music for a while now…but I’m plugged right into the independent scene of course, and not everyone out there is in that same boat I am.  So for those out there that aren’t familiar with you and your […]Read More

Mark Schirmacher – “Tomorrow”

Mark Schirmacher – “Tomorrow” – Single Review Mark Schirmacher might be Losing Things in 2019, but I feel like he gained a few more points with me on this latest single called “Tomorrow.”  If you read my previous review on his music from the summer of last year when I was checking out his subtle […]Read More

Mark Schirmacher – “Are You Okay?”

Mark Schirmacher – “Are You Okay?” – Single Review Decent song!  Given how isolated and intimate this new single from Mark Schirmacher sounds, how tender the melody is for the most-part…it’d be kinda strange to be jumping up & down in excitement or ranting & raving about “Are You Okay?,” so I’ll just put it […]Read More