Mark Schirmacher – “Tomorrow”

 Mark Schirmacher – “Tomorrow”

Mark Schirmacher – “Tomorrow” – Single Review

Mark Schirmacher might be Losing Things in 2019, but I feel like he gained a few more points with me on this latest single called “Tomorrow.”  If you read my previous review on his music from the summer of last year when I was checking out his subtle Indie-Folk vibes on his single “Are You Okay?” then you’ll remember the man writes a really solid tune.  Our last experience was a very mellow one…to the point where I’d mention it’s always tough to get super-excited about a slow tune – but he might just be proving me wrong with this new single “Tomorrow.”  He’s got quite the enchanting & enticing melody goin’ on in his latest…and there’s something about the suspended string sounds hanging in the air around him that provide a spine-tingling feeling that you’re witnessing a genuinely magical moment.

That feeling…however you’ll define it…is apparent right from the drop, supplying a beautifully warm glow throughout “Tomorrow” as it begins.  Equally effective & just as noticeable, is when those strings go away too – which leaves Mark in a stunning clarity where you absorb every word & nuance in the way he sings this song as a result; I never could choose between which of these two aspects of the way “Tomorrow” is constructed that I liked or appreciated more – they’re both spectacular to listen to.

When it comes to the vocals on this song, I think Mark did an outstanding job with the verse & chorus of this single…I really dig the rambling-storyteller vibe the verses put out, and I felt like he raised the stakes, however gently, noticeably in the strength of the melody of the chorus.  The sweet acoustic-based sound of “Tomorrow” is continually inviting and comforting to listen to, with or without the strings…it always moves at an authentically moving and captivating pace that pulls you right in to listen.  As for the strings…cello & violins I believe…whenever they show up, they add an additional level of majesty & support to the main melody, strengthening & thickening the sound alongside some extremely understated and truly brilliant percussion in the mix as well.  Everything about “Tomorrow” is handled with grace, humbleness, and pure emotions that connect…your ears want to stick with every moment.

He kind of reminds me of some of the art/music combos you might find on the early records from David Gray here…those kind of ambitiously sweet & subtle designs that combine poetry & music effortlessly as one.  Effortlessly because it was so free, so unforced, so pure – and that’s the vibe I’m picking up most from Schirmacher on “Tomorrow” – he’s really dialed right into the moment in an impressively natural & organic way on this single…so much of this song flows so magnificently & flawlessly, it’d be impossible not to notice just how smooth this whole experience comes out sliding so sweetly through the speakers.  I’m not entirely sure who it is he’s searching for in the lyrics of “Tomorrow,” but what I can tell ya is, Mark values this relationship he’s been missing, and he sounds determined to cross the oceans & climb mountains in an effort to re-establish the connection that’s been lost.  And I can tell ya that, due to the level of sincerity & interest you hear in his voice when singing these songs – you absolutely believe him.

For the vast majority of “Tomorrow,” listeners will glide right along with this single without questioning where they’re going when drifting along with the spectacularly subtle & sweet sounds of this song and the way Mark sings it with such remarkable emotion.  Does he take a bit of a chance with the inclusion of the more off-the-cuff vocalizations around the 2:15-2:30 mark?  Perhaps.  The facts are, he’s so perfectly in-line and in-tune on his verses & choruses of “Tomorrow” and the rest of this song, that any deviation from that immaculate smoothness does become a bit of a risk in shaking that up more than listeners might be looking for – and although it’s a pleasant vibe he’s got going on with an arguably charming sound in that moment, whether it fully served the song or was needed here, might be more up for debate.  Which is cool by me – great art should always have a bit of back & forth banter regarding its merits anyhow, shouldn’t it?  Ultimately, that’s what “Tomorrow” aims to be and achieves…more than just music…true art – the sensory sounds of this song and the way Mark sings it with such wisdom & soul in his voice…he’s got these notes from the music & vocals hanging in the air like you’d hang a picture proudly on your wall.  Vibrant sounds, stellar songwriting…”Tomorrow” stacks up to a beautiful listen.

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