Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Dear Santa”

Celebrate the Christmas spirit with the glowing warm vocals & talent of Lynne Taylor Donovan on her seasonal single “Dear Santa,” written by Tony Koenen.  With her classic & signature style of sincerity & melody combined, Donovan shines bright on a meaningful holiday tune that reminds us about what’s important at Christmastime.  Always a pleasure […]Read More

SBS Podcast 029

For those that have been waiting on a country-music episode…your day has finally arrived! Country tunes from throughout the independent music-scene including songs from Donica Knight, Jacob Bryant, Madelyn Victoria, Cody Webb, Ray William Roldan, Savannah Philyaw and Dylan Schneider. We’ll switch it up as well to end the show on a different note with […]Read More

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Am I Dreaming”

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Am I Dreaming” – Single Review Come on Lynne Taylor Donovan…I’m not bulletproof! This is an honestly irresistible tune!  I know because I’ve tried!  Let me explain… “Am I Dreaming” sits right on the edge of Pop, Easy-Listening, Country, Folk and Americana – none of which are my strongest suits if […]Read More

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Turn To Stone”

This lady rocks!  Lynne Taylor Donovan has got a good classic feel to this music and a whole set of talent surrounding her in this video for the single “Turn To Stone.”  It has elements of rock & country with sharp dynamics and melodic harmonies in the music that support Lynne Taylor Donovan’s rock-raspy sweet […]Read More