Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Am I Dreaming”

 Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Am I Dreaming”

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Am I Dreaming” – Single Review

Come on Lynne Taylor Donovan…I’m not bulletproof!

This is an honestly irresistible tune!  I know because I’ve tried!  Let me explain…

“Am I Dreaming” sits right on the edge of Pop, Easy-Listening, Country, Folk and Americana – none of which are my strongest suits if I’m showing my cards completely on the table here.  That being said…I certainly listen to them all through what I do here at sleepingbagstudios and know my way around them well enough…but it still takes a strong song to really breakthrough to me within those confines.  “Am I Dreaming” pulled that off, sparkling and shining the entire time.

I actually had to ask myself “Am I Dreaming” as I realized just how much I was enjoying this endearing melody she’s created here.  Not because I didn’t expect quality…I’ve checked out Lynne’s music before and she was solid in her writing and music…but honestly…because I can’t remember one time in history that a song has been able to borrow from a nursery rhyme and still hit home for me – and this does!  Using a piece of ‘ring around the rosie’ in the melody of the chorus of “Am I Dreaming” was something I tried, dear readers, I TRIED to resist…but YOU tell me how it’s possible to do so!  That…is an entirely beautiful moment in the song that has her sounding something closer to like…The Submarines in a sincere indie-pop moment of pure bliss.  I couldn’t resist the melody here…if you can do it, you’re much, much stronger than I am…but for the record, I don’t think you should put up such an incredible fight if the reward in resisting is this spectacular.

Oddly enough, with the repeat listens I put into Lynne’s new-single, I ended up wanting that part to come around much-much sooner than it did with every listen I put in – so how’s THAT for an accomplishment?  Lynne can sing me children’s songs any day of the week and I’ll happily sit’n’listen!

Of course, “Am I Dreaming” isn’t a kids-song when it comes right down to it, for the record.  Certainly appropriate for all-ages though and definitely with a widespread, appealing sound that is bound to catch ears from all over the place – there’s a true magic in the rhythm and melody Lynne Taylor Donovan’s created here and I think she deserves some real credit for the true accessibility in this tune.  Warm and inviting as it starts, great rhythm and solid-groove…I like the distance and added reverb/echo on the vocals and how it all builds up.  Again, on repeat listens, I’m loving my time listening, but I’m still teeming with anticipation of coming up to that truly magical spot she’s created in the song’s extended-chorus towards in the last-half of the tune!  Nothing wrong with that…everything about the atmosphere is pleasant, Donovan is confident and sounds angelic in her tone…and truly, she sounds absolutely gorgeous in the later-stages of this tune in the now-infamous ‘ring around the rosie’ moments of this song.  Again…being somewhat familiar with her music, I feel like I can honestly vouch for this particular single being a real highlight and breakthrough for her…from piano to drums, guitar, bass & vocals, “Am I Dreaming” comes together beautifully with solid emotion, bold lyrical imagery and outstanding melody.

This entire song is a seriously impressive win for Lynne Taylor Donovan – I loved this tune…it’s teeming with sweetness and really resonates inside the heart…beautiful stuff.

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