SBS Live This Week 126

Come join us for the Covid Relief Project 2020 Special on SBS Live This Week! Interview guests include the amazing Lola de Hanna, the inimitable MJ Flaws, and the incredible Joseph Tonelli – and you know we’ve got music for ya in the mix as well. Catch classic cuts from the show’s past with Trev […]Read More

SBS Podcast 092

Another audio odyssey deep into the independent music-scene! Join us as we explore tunes from all over the globe in all kinds of styles & sounds, featuring music by: Pete Gustard, School Friends, Annalisa, Silent Gnomes, Chasing Jonah, Paul The Trombonist, Evoletah, a double-shot of the past & present from Lola de Hanna, and we’ll […]Read More

Lola de Hanna – “Falling (Where’s The Ground?)”

Lola de Hanna – “Falling (Where’s The Ground?)” – Single Review Sometimes it can be really hard to take stock of absolutely everything going on to say the least.  With all of us currently caught up the Covid-craziness and how it has been affecting our daily routine, it was only natural that soon afterwards it […]Read More

SBS Podcast 091

Proof Of Purchase Vol. 2 is up and bumpin’ for your listenin’ pleasure!  How did we spend our hard-earned dough at the last event at Bandcamp?  Extremely wisely of course!  We bought records from all over the map and we’re playing a cut from each of’em on the show today, ever on our quest to […]Read More

Lola de Hanna – The Other Side

Lola de Hanna – The Other Side – EP Review Independent music-scene…you will forever astonish me with the sounds you put out of my speakers. I’ll fully admit to instantly being hooked on Lola de Hanna’s style & beat immediately as the opening song “Thin Air” burst brightly with exotic sounds and beautiful textures as […]Read More