Lola de Hanna – “Falling (Where’s The Ground?)”

 Lola de Hanna – “Falling (Where’s The Ground?)”

Lola de Hanna – “Falling (Where’s The Ground?)” – Single Review

Sometimes it can be really hard to take stock of absolutely everything going on to say the least.  With all of us currently caught up the Covid-craziness and how it has been affecting our daily routine, it was only natural that soon afterwards it would begin to permeate the art & music coming out in multiple ways.  And so it should – these are the essential tools that have always documented our real history through an honest lens that serves us a vivid memory for the rest of time that we can always reflect on to remind us of what really went down.  Artists of all kinds are of the utmost importance at a time such as this.

Enter Lola de Hanna!

It had been a while since I’d dropped into her world, or her into ours here at sleepingbagstudios.  It was back in 2015 when I’d reviewed her debut EP called The Other Side and discovered her expressive vocals & music for the first time.  During the recent sale to support artists/bands at Bandcamp I jumped on in there to ransack her whole collection…and as it turns out, she’s got a new single in there.  A song called “Falling (Where’s The Ground?)” that details exactly what I was talking about at the beginning of this here review, and tackles many of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we’re all universally sharing right now.  It’s a song that honestly examines what we’re going through and the feelings of isolation, paranoia, hope, self-doubt, trepidation…caution…the loss of control and the wondering of when/if we’ll be lucky enough to ever be ‘in’ control of our lives again in the way that we once knew.  These are the kinds of things that are being echoed in the hearts & minds of millions across our planet right now – and that’s a large part of why it’s awesome that Lola is giving a voice to what so many of us are really feeling.

And sure, it helps that it’s a pretty damn catchy song too.

de Hanna will immediately start out with major hooks and harmonies on “Falling (Where’s The Ground)” and start bringing people in to listen.  Piece by piece, you’ll notice this single gathering strength like it’s summoning more with each ticking second; I think she might have her biggest hooks in the verse after thoughtful consideration & listening on this side of the screen…and I like that in this particular case.  I like the free-floating vibes that she creates for the chorus as well and how that genuinely responds to the theme, mood, and atmosphere she’s looking to create…it’s a remarkably well paired performance & idea in that respect – yet the real pull towards the stylistically sleek way she slides through the vocal-melody in the flow of the verses always felt like it had the most strength & allure to my ears personally.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining…we all have our favorite moments; it just so happens you’ll have a whole bunch to choose from on Lola’s new tune is all.  She’s nailing the verses flawlessly with catchy moves & vibes your ears couldn’t possibly miss is all I’m sayin.’  I could fully entertain the notion that other people out there would dig the feeling of falling that the chorus instills and how it would be a person’s favorite part of this song for how effective it is…I mean, if you’re the songwritery-type, this would be right up your alley and shows you the kind of focus & craft you’re looking for in the music you’re listening to.  Lola’s got that kind of dedication to detail…and she puts her heart & soul into every moment; she’s bold when she needs to be, she’s delicate when the music calls for it, and she knows her way both around a microphone, and what really makes a song connect.  The excellent bass-lines on “Falling (Where’s The Ground?)” and the rhythm-section in general deserve a lot of credit for keeping this track movin’ & grooving, just as much as Lola deserves real credit for having the courage to explore her fears and find a way to conquer them like this, through her art.  It’s relevant, it’s fresh, and through the objective, honest, and unfiltered look at how she’s personally feeling in the words of her new single “Falling (Where’s The Ground?),” Lola de Hanna insightfully captures an important snapshot of what so many of us are collectively going through, all together, at the same time right now, all across the world.

Awesome to have Lola de Hanna back on our pages and on our playlists, she’s got fantastic energy in her aura, as an artist & as a person…she’s one of those characters in life that you run into & never forget.  I’ve got even more news for ya – she’s one of the incredible artists out there that were kind enough to lend their time to the Covid Relief project we’ve put on at sleepingbagstudios and you’ll be seeing her in an episode of SBS Live This Week in a video-interview when we put those specials together real soon!  Until then, make sure to find out everything and anything you can about her by visiting Lola de Hanna’s main website at:

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