SBS Podcast 152

Come get yourself a dose of some sonic diversity gathered from the incredible independent music scene we share!  We’ve got features on the new music happening with ARIA, Second Choice, Sweet Lily Love, Link&Chain, Kayola, and Grass Wolf in the mix today, in addition to tunes from Happy Ghosts featuring Kimberly Steele, Blue Soul Ten […]Read More

SBS Podcast 116

All kinds of that good good info you wanna know & a whole bunch of music you’ll definitely wanna hear!  Come check out the latest episode of the SBS Podcast as we spin tunes from Lebanese Tweety, Aldrich Benson, Wolf Colony, The Shikes, Steven Faulkner – a double-shot from EMPRA – and take a deep […]Read More

LebaneseTweety – “Cigarettes”

LebaneseTweety – “Cigarettes” – Single Review I’m…hmmm… …I think I’m inclined to give this single & artist a massive nod of approval in this review right here. LebaneseTweety is no stranger to music, that much I can tell ya.  While it takes a bit of searching to get the full story on this artist we […]Read More