LebaneseTweety – “Cigarettes”

 LebaneseTweety – “Cigarettes”

LebaneseTweety – “Cigarettes” – Single Review


…I think I’m inclined to give this single & artist a massive nod of approval in this review right here.

LebaneseTweety is no stranger to music, that much I can tell ya.  While it takes a bit of searching to get the full story on this artist we have here today…or even a piece for that matter…the evidence that I can find online completely indicates that she’s one hell of a hard worker & dedicated musician.  Technically, if you’re looking back as far as social media can take ya, you’ll find songs that trace all the way back to 2015…you’ll see a noticeable shift in momentum occur around the year after when she started droppin’ videos online…and in general, you’ll see she’s never quit, never given up on pursuing her dreams, and continued to make incredible tunes as a solo artist & in collaboration, every single year since she began.

All this experience has certainly stacked up – you can absolutely hear it in the way she performs through “Cigarettes” – that’s confidence you hear alongside her natural talent & digitalized vocal enhancements.  It makes an entire world’s worth of difference when people listen – there’s no denying the bulletproof hooks she’s got rampaging throughout what’s undeniably a single-worthy tune that’s perfect for what’s happening right now out in the music-scene overall, but it’s the faith she’s got in herself & what she can achieve, her stellar songwriting, and the strength in the material all-around that leads her way to victory here.  LebaneseTweety is sure of herself and the moves she’s making on the mic – and she should be based on all I’ve heard – but the real point is, this translates directly to accessible vibes that just about everyone out there under the sun listening can find their way into.  Essentially, if music is really all about timing as they say it is – I can’t imagine a better time for a single like “Cigarettes” to come out than now.

Built on highly relevant sound & stylistic effects, “Cigarettes” can’t help but charm ya through the brilliant melody that LT has so expertly designed.  The professionalism at work here is equally undeniable…if you want a master-class learning session on how to structure a song to continually raise the stakes from start to finish and keep everyone listening, then make sure you’re tuning yourselves into this single “Cigarettes” with your notepad & pen.  There’s zero reasons that I can think of as to why this song wouldn’t be reaching the number one spot on a whole bunch of charts & playlists out there around the world right now…and I have no issues at all saying it’s gonna live on mine.

So not to harp on the point over & over again, but this is what I’ve been saying all along – this is WHY her confidence & craft make such a compelling difference folks…she’s so right on the money with this single that it can take fringe listeners like a guy like me born Grunge would potentially be, and turn them into dedicated fans right away.  “Cigarettes” isn’t the kind of song you can even listen to in a half-ass way – this comes on, and you pay some damn attention – because that’s the effect of a star with the X-factor that knows her material & how to get the maximum potential out of it – your ears KNOW this is a single-worthy song, and instantly on that first spin.  You hit that added surge of melody & energy in the chorus with the incredible hooks she’s created, and there’s absolutely no going back after that point – you’ll remember both “Cigarettes” AND LebaneseTweety, for all the right reasons.  And that next time you hear it, I can promise ya, you’re just likely to love it even more…and so on & so on, no matter when you listen, or how many times you seem to spin it.   Ultimately, “Cigarettes” is as addictive as the product itself is – it’s both the definition of repeatable, and extraordinarily relevant in terms of what the people out there are listening to right now.  LebaneseTweety has a stunning level of star-quality – you couldn’t possibly miss it as she beams her vocals outta the mic, and the production choices made along the way have really given “Cigarettes” every twist & audible advantage it deserved to bring out her best.

I suppose what I’m saying is, I really wanna hear a whole lot more of this…LebaneseTweety nailed every part of this single as hard as you can hit it in my opinion.  I’m just a guy that’s written a couple thousand reviews…NBD…take my word for it, or better yet, don’t – and listen instead to prove it to yourselves.  The best thing I can ever say in support of a great song, or a great artist, or both in a case like this particular one with LebaneseTweety – is that a single is always designed, conceptually, to be a gateway into an artist’s or band’s music…it’s where the listening is supposed to START, not stop.  “Cigarettes” led me directly to checking out what else was out there, discovering solid, soulful Electro/Pop combos like “Play With Me” & “Lies You Like” – I’ve even heard her rock semi-acoustically-based and drop full-on bars with serious HEAT on the m-i-c in other tracks & clips online as well.  From what I can tell, the sky ain’t even the limit for what LT is potentially capable of…I’m 100% stoked on her latest single “Cigarettes,” and like I’ve been saying from the get-go of this review – she’s got all the right talent, instincts & drive it takes to go the distance with this whole music thang.  My ears don’t lie and yours won’t either – this is a truly gifted artist that’s fearless & outstandingly professional – LebaneseTweety is a born entertainer, 100%.

Find out more about LebaneseTweety at her official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LebaneseTweety

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