SBS Podcast 035

Killer lineup of songs, tons of different styles of music and loads of information about some of the awesome things happening in the independent music-scene including discussing new stuff from Hip-Hop artists Timothy Dark and J Speed, Alt-Rock from Ex-Okay and the Indie sound is represented by new music from Dave Wirth.  Rounding out the […]Read More

Lazywall – The Hundredth Monkey Album Sampler

Lazywall – The Hundredth Monkey – Album Sampler/Singles Review Heavy rock from Morocco (Pronounced MORE-ROCK-OH!) – Lazywall is back again with their powerfully punched-up sound supercharged & roaring on these songs from their latest record, The Hundredth Monkey.  Last time we checked them out…was actually around this time last year I believe…we had a chance […]Read More

Lazywall – Singles

Lazywall – Singles Review I gotta say…I’ve been impressed enough by the music of Lazywall just by listening…but when you combine the innovative ways that this band from Morocco also creates videos – you’ve gotta give these guys the extra credit they deserve.  I’ve checked out four tracks from this crew…each of the songs I […]Read More