Kiev – Infinite Positivity II

Kiev – Infinite Positivity II – EP Review The sequel to where it all began! At least for us here at SBS – reviewing Infinite Positivity back early in January of 2017 was my own first experience with the man…if you’re looking real close on the internet though, you’ll find Kiev’s been posting cuts for […]Read More

Kiev – Ambrosia

Kiev – Ambrosia – Album Review The chef is back in the kitchen y’all. I’ve been seeing a lot of hype for this new record by Kiev online.  On sight alone, even without hearing the album, it’s safe to assume the buzz is real; we’ve been listening to this artist since early 2017 and know […]Read More

Kiev – Infinite Positivity

Kiev – Infinite Positivity – EP Review I think I’ve got the name of this EP correctly!  Slight difference between its label at Soundcloud and what you see on the cover…so I went with the official label I saw with the art…and besides, the message is largely the same whether it reads ‘infinitely positive’ or […]Read More