Jason Rayn – “Zone” Feat. K$NG

Jason Rayn – “Zone” Feat. K$NG – Single Review Great to hear this collaboration still doin’ their thing, makin’ progress and keepin’ the hustle up. Last time we checked out Jason Rayn, he was working with K$NG on the 2 Rings EP…rhymin’ about ballin’ and making moves to put themselves on the rap-map.  Admittedly, there […]Read More

K$NG X Jason Rayn – 2 Rings

K$NG X Jason Rayn – 2 Rings – EP Review It definitely has nothing to do with these two guys running out of sounds and ideas…the combination of K$NG X Jason Rayn definitely have no shortage of those.  And it’s not anything to do with the confidence on the mic or the writing of the […]Read More