The SBS Top 10 Of 2023: #09 – Kiev

The SBS Top 10 Of 2023:  #09 – Kiev – Manifest Let this be a lesson to you all – if I haven’t heard it yet, then it’s still new music to me!  We get all kinds of submissions throughout the year, and as long as they’re EPs and albums, they qualify for our top […]Read More

Kiev – Lenses

Kiev – Lenses – Album Review Alrighty…back to it.  You just read recently about Kiev on these pages of ours, right?  Hopefully if I’ve got everything moving according to schedule, we would have posted up about his previous record Manifest not too long ago, so that I could get to this brand-new record he’s just […]Read More

Kiev – Manifest

Kiev – Manifest – Album Review I don’t think there’s ever been a time where Kiev’s music has shown up in my inbox where I haven’t felt like it has been way too long since the last time I heard him.  One of my favorite independent rappers out there in the game today, he’s always […]Read More

Kiev – Infinite Positivity III

Kiev – Infinite Positivity III – Album Review Our history runs the course of over five years of listening to Kiev at this point…yet even getting a hello outta this man still seems to be next to impossible!  It ain’t a requirement of course…it’s only what semi-separates me from feeling like a complete robot out […]Read More

Kiev – Time

Kiev – Time – EP Review “Kiev is like the Kobe of his generation.” Houston…we have a…second record in review today?  Word up to that – if it’s more Kiev, I’m into it. Now…I wouldn’t go as far as to pull the legendary Apollo 13 quote up on the guy, but there is a little […]Read More

Kiev – Infinite Positivity II

Kiev – Infinite Positivity II – EP Review The sequel to where it all began! At least for us here at SBS – reviewing Infinite Positivity back early in January of 2017 was my own first experience with the man…if you’re looking real close on the internet though, you’ll find Kiev’s been posting cuts for […]Read More

Joho – Space City Serenade

Joho – Space City Serenade – Album Review “J…O…H…O!” – if you listen close, you’ll hear me chantin’ that out along with the crowd spellin’ out his name in the background of his first cut on Space City Serenade called “Joho’s Anthem.”  As to the reason why that is, it’s simple really – Joho is […]Read More

Echo Park – Expressions

Echo Park – Expressions – Album Review How am I just getting this record NOW?  Expressions by Echo Park came out over a year ago at this point.  I’m late climbing onto this bandwagon y’all, but you better have saved me a seat! Echo Park consists of a couple artists we’ve featured here at our […]Read More

Joho – Nocturnal Daydreams

Joho – Nocturnal Daydreams – Album Review Stoked to have this dude back in the mix, I thought he put out a really solid record the last time around when we reviewed Joho’s album Youth In Retrospect here at our pages last year.  It was the kind of strong effort that certainly implied whatever the […]Read More

Joho – Youth In Retrospect

Joho – Youth In Retrospect – Album Review With a quick recorded message reminding Joho he’s got love coming in, “Red Soda” starts us all gliding into Youth In Retrospect smoothly.  You notice key things about this entertainer quickly, like Joho being willing to handle his business on the mic from the hooks to the […]Read More