SBS Live This Week 053

Check out Part II of our time with Rod Matheson from EverydayMusicTV discussing his adventures throughout 1000 days of filming and posting unique bands/artists up to the internet. Spotlight on the grind of modern-day hip-hop artist Linkz and music/videos from Kat Hamill, Matthew Good & Dave Gould – check it out!Read More

0102 – Kat Hamill

This lady is a shy one…but equal-parts fantastic. We actually met Kat Hamill for the first time in the first days of opening via messages over e-mail…in the haste of getting everything organized, things were eventually scheduled, moved, missed, rescheduled and eventually thought lost for all time…but thankfully that didn’t stay the case.  I caught […]Read More

SBS Separated 004 – Kat Hamill (Live @ SBS 2014)

SBS Separated is BACK! Featuring a video per day of our past adventures and the inner-working of sleepingbagstudios for the month of January. Enjoy this! Indie singer/songwriter Kat Hamill, with a cover of the Oasis track “Half A World Away” – recorded live right here at sleepingbagstudios at our second event with Everyday Music TV […]Read More

EDMTV Event @ SBS 2014

SO MANY THINGS! Like tons of you out there – I feel that weight and pressure to make it all happen. The physical aspect of the music studio was certainly one I had been expecting to see pick up a lot more over these past two years, but also to be considered in this equation […]Read More