January 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Another year, another 365 days where this project we’ve been secretly putting out there onto the internet will likely be ignored entirely by the masses out there, right up to & including the people that even make the music!  As undeterred as ever, we are still here as we head towards our first full decade […]Read More

JC Lane – “Myself & I” / “Over You”

JC Lane – “Myself & I” / “Over You” – Singles Review How did JC Lane put it last time around in describing her sound when I was listening to her Automatic EP?  “Teenage Pop” was it not?  She might not exactly expect an old grey-bearded buzzard to enjoy her music as much as I […]Read More

JC Lane – Automatic

JC Lane – Automatic – EP Review Alrighty…technically, this EP is SO NEW, that it’s still pretty much under wraps for now.  As far as I’ve been informed, outside of their producer, I’m the only dude out there that’s heard this stuff at the moment…though the savviest among us will have noticed JC Lane’s lead-single […]Read More