Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams

Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams – Album Review I’m rootin’ for this guy to succeed…it’s still early in Jason’s career by any measure, but there’s definitely something unique in the passion that this guy has for making music that you can certainly hear.  Seems like Daniels is a good dude with great intentions & ambitions…and […]Read More

SBS Podcast 022

It’s that magical time of the week once again! On this episode of the ol’ SBS Podcast we tackle the current state of politics and how the state of the independent music union is the strongest one on earth.  Amazing music for you to hear, as always – and I’ll let you know the details […]Read More

SBS Podcast 009

Another incredible episode filled with music that has true PERSPECTIVE out there in the independent-scene!  We’ll talk about that, take a moment or two to figure out when to get political, and of course feature all kinds of incredible music from far & wide!  We’ll go even further to prove that in this episode as […]Read More

Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams

Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams – EP Review Well…either the blues are defined by the aspect of a song containing a slide-guitar part…or I’ve got some strangely-labelled MP3’s here that definitely led me to believe I’d be listening to something that sounds a lot different than what I started hearing on Cinematic Dreams by Jason […]Read More