SBS Podcast 062

Back in action for the first time since last year and ready to surge forward with the independent music-scene once again in 2019!  Rap & Hip-Hop have been stepping out of the gate with authority this year and settin’ off playlists with strong efforts from a whole posse of new emcees steppin’ up.  This show […]Read More

SBS Podcast 059

Killer cuts on this episode of the SBS Podcast! We’ll give ya some Funk, some Rap, some Electro-Pop, some Psychedelic – and we’ll head right into the bizarre & beautiful in all its independent music-scene glory. New cuts from B.U.D. & Cash Gordon, Neon Radiation, Victoria Celestine, RaR Feat. J. Burney – classics tracks from […]Read More

J.Asadi – Lazarus Experiment Sampler

J.Asadi – Lazarus Experiment – Album Sampler/Singles Review Well hot damn, I think I just found my new anthem for the rest of the summer at least! J.Asadi has got a record coming out soon, it’s called Lazarus Experiment…just so happens I got myself a few of these cuts in advance on the down-low…so I’m […]Read More