SBS Podcast 012

We dig deep this week and discuss the merits of being a song-dude vs. an album-dude – check out the latest episode of the SBS Podcast! Featuring amazing music from: Dave Childz – Count The Thief – Down Solo – 64 Hooligans – An Infinite Attraction – Into Bits – Joe Lecrivain – Mike Bee […]Read More

SBS Podcast 001

Awesome to be back! Check out a wicked all-music line-up in our first episode from the new Ottawa SBS HQ with: – Seashaped – Bad Reed – Mr. Kito – Tricky Mandrake – Into Bits – Charming Timur – The Pit – Down Solo – The Blackmail Seduction – Reditus –   To become the […]Read More

Into Bits – I Was Made For You

Into Bits – I Was Made For You – EP Review I mean…ummm…this is kinda like…yeeeeaaaahhhhh…seriously impressive. Does that cover it? Into Bits – an American song-writer living in Sweden has just released a new EP – I Was Made For You – and this thang is FULL of sounds, melodies and songs to love; […]Read More

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