Into Bits – I Was Made For You

 Into Bits – I Was Made For You

Into Bits – I Was Made For You – EP Review

I mean…ummm…this is kinda like…yeeeeaaaahhhhh…seriously impressive. Does that cover it?

Into Bits – an American song-writer living in Sweden has just released a new EP – I Was Made For You – and this thang is FULL of sounds, melodies and songs to love; this is purely excellent. Now…believe it or not – I could not find any official record of what order these songs are supposed to be in – BUT…what I can say is that in five new songs, Into Bits has quickly gained a new fan in yours-truly here, and my guess is that the moment you check it out yourself you’ll be every bit as hooked as I am on this subtly-inventive singer/song-writer.

Sometimes you listen…and you just know you’re listening to something special. As Into Bits starts into I Was Made For You with the opening track “Hunger Pains,” it recalls the first moments you’ll remember discovering Coldplay…when the music was simplified, sweet and completely driven by the melodies found within them. “Hunger Pains,” contains all the elements and signs of a timeless song-writer; Isaac Jorgensen has a gorgeous voice that possesses all the raw & real emotion of modern-day greats like Damien Rice or Joe Newman of Alt-J. Maybe even Jimmy Gnecco of Ours if anyone could calm the guy down for half-a-second…

The title-track on this EP, “I Was Made For You,” packs a serious emotional-punch to it – you should feel this song deep in your gut. As Into Bits twists and turns through beautiful vocals, the mix of Isaac’s confident & fragile tones is absolutely captivating in this song. This is one of those ‘world-stops-and-we-all-listen’ kind of moments…the dramatic scene in the movie where love comes to life and we all get our Kleenex out. And I mean this in the best possible way…watch out Into Bits ‘cause Grey’s Anatomy is going to be hitting you up to be a part of their soundtrack if they keep that whole drama continuing on.

We all might think that’s pretty damn funny, but don’t be surprised if they really DO come calling and Into Bits has the last laugh in the similar tones that Snow Patrol did. Ohhhh what’s that you say dear readers? I had a point in bringing all this up for once? Why YES…yes I did in fact.

For once though? Really now people…I can’t believe you all just said that…

Anyhow…despite the lack of faith in me that you’ve just demonstrated entirely in my head – I say check out “If This Is Love” and you’ll certainly hear the Snow Patrol comparison if you haven’t discovered it already. This track has an excellent rhythm & pulse…I’m such a huge fan of Isaac’s vocals…just absolutely love the sounds and tones he ranges through; they’re full of true passion and real emotion that connects to our listening-ears in highly memorable ways. I still think Grey’s Anatomy would most likely come calling for the stripped-down & heartfelt title-track if we’re talking tv-shows…”I Was Made For You” could just as easily be as massive of a hit as “Chasing Cars” became if it finds itself the right setting to broadcast its brilliance from.

“If This Is Love” is an equal-size hit, just in a different style more similar to Ed Sheeran with its groovy hooks and catchy melodies. Jorgensen is actually a dead-ringer for Semisonic’s Dan Wilson but approaches “If This Is Love” with a little more style, swagger and genuine presence. It’s impressive just how ‘into’ you can hear Isaac is to the music…each performance on these five songs presents a fantastic idea coupled with flawlessly authentic execution.

Following cut “Jiminy Cricket” has a strong beat & truly dynamic melody to it. Close to a sound some will recognize from short-lived band Palo Alto, it’s also got the Sheeran-esque playfulness that runs through much of the song until it switches the energy towards the middle before heading back to the light. At the outset of reading the title alone, I wasn’t exactly sure how I would feel about a song dedicated to our favourite family-friendly cricket-of-conscience…but I really have to point out what an incredibly strong tune “Jiminy Cricket” really is. This song has itself some fantastic lyrics and an excellent flow through the vocals…it brings the energy up and really pulses right inside you.

But…if I’m telling the absolute truth…I don’t know that it gets any better than it does with “Love Chained Me Here.” In one of the most sparkling melodies and examples of song-writing on this EP, Into Bits shines brighter than ever in this emotional final tune. Isaac hits the chorus with perfectly matched energy and really brings the fragile nature of this song alive through an excellent performance to end I Was Made For You with memorable and lasting impact. In many ways…depending on how late you’ve been up and how much/little sleep you’ve had…you’ll need to watch out for this melancholy final cut; this one can induce tears easily and the very last line & final seconds are capable of crushing sunshine.

I can’t find a single thing I’d want to change about this future superstar; the new EP from Into Bits is gorgeously fantastic, filled with sweet, melancholy & bright melodies and the heart and soul of a person that was born with music right inside him just waiting for the right time to get out.

And I’d say that time is now.

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