Del-N’quent – Singles

Del-N’quent – The Ascension Of Lazarus Street Album Sampler – Singles Review HOT jams from Del-N’quent on his latest record called The Ascension Of Lazarus Street – dude’s got it all stocked & loaded with entertainment throughout the set-list, which I’ve been checking out over this past week or so.  I’ve got three cuts cherry-picked […]Read More

AndyK – Layered Ink

AndyK – Layered Ink – Mixtape Review Couldn’t help myself on this one…I was supposed to check out the album-sampler of four songs…call me crazy but, I felt like I had to keep listening to what AndyK came up with on Layered Ink.  Dude’s got an interesting approach to music overall really…from what I can […]Read More