SBS Podcast 016

Today we discover the true impact that a movie like High Fidelity has made on good ol’ Jer @ SBS…and whether or not his musical A.D.D. was better off beforehand! Featuring incredible tunes from throughout the independent music-scene in all genres and styles…check out songs from N0va, Seashaped, Correigh, Audiobender, Cosmonaut Radio, The Cellophane Heart, […]Read More

In Silent Agony – Villainous

In Silent Agony – Villainous – EP Review Ohhh I can never quite remember…is this Black Metal…Dark Industrial…Goth…where does the music of In Silent Agony fall into genre-wise?  To go further with that thought…what point would there be to putting a beast in any kind of box?  However you want to categorize the music of […]Read More