SBS Podcast 003

Exceptional new music on the podcast as always! Check out incredible tunes from: – Nixie – The Yellow Dress – Dynamics Plus – Sprightly Moans – The State School – – Fey – Hanging From The Rafters – Ahimsa – In Circles – School Friends –   To become the next guest on the SBS […]Read More

Renata Leuffen – In Circles

Renata Leuffen – In Circles – Album Review I think it’s only fair to say…it’s been one of our stranger days reviewing music here today at the ol’ studio now hasn’t it? We’re going to keep the weird & wonderful going here with an album released just at the tail end of 2014, In Circles […]Read More

In Circles – Let Go

In Circles – Let Go – EP Review I have had a run of extremely good luck when it comes to reviewing albums…I know I certainly like a LOT of music – but being honest with you as always, I have to say this EP was perfect to wake up to this morning. Yep – that […]Read More