Erik Odsell – Human

Erik Odsell – Human – Album Review When I originally first reviewed Erik Odsell’s music back in 2016 with the release of his debut record Searching For Lost Boys Island, it was impossible to deny the man had himself a very strong connection to music and was definitely heading into a verifiable career as an […]Read More

Erik Odsell – “Human”

If you’ve read the recent review we wrote about artist Erik Odsell‘s latest single “Human” from back at the end of October, you know we had plenty of great things to say about the meaningful messages behind his new song – and here’s your opportunity to check out the video he’s put together to support […]Read More

Erik Odsell – “Human”

Erik Odsell – “Human” – Single Review Wow! How on earth did two & a half years fly by like that Erik? It should tell us all something that an artist can go such a significant length of time away, yet still feel like they’re right at the forefront of my mind when it comes […]Read More

Worldwide Groove Corporation – “Human”

Worldwide Groove Corporation – “Human” – Single Review Love the determination from WWGC – these two continue their pursuit of providing us all with the ‘Year Of The Groove’ with their latest single – their 11th – “Human.” This hypnotic rhythm and dynamic performance from the duo of Ellen Tift and Kurt Goebel continues to […]Read More