Worldwide Groove Corporation – “Human”

 Worldwide Groove Corporation – “Human”

Worldwide Groove Corporation – “Human” – Single Review

Love the determination from WWGC – these two continue their pursuit of providing us all with the ‘Year Of The Groove’ with their latest single – their 11th – “Human.” This hypnotic rhythm and dynamic performance from the duo of Ellen Tift and Kurt Goebel continues to work extremely well and deliver at an extremely high caliber through their latest addition to their ongoing collection of music on this latest single. If they’re willing to continually supply the groove throughout the year, I’m certainly a set of willing ears at the ready to listen!

Much credit to them both…I think “Human” is a real testament to song-writing and assembly. The way this track builds and builds upon itself is perfect…and it’s something you can visually SEE coming at you when you play it from the Soundcloud page! You can see the track at its minimalist beginnings and how it bulks up in the middle, to the breakdown and eventual massive burst into a glorious ending. So…there you have it…spoiler alert I suppose – but it’s all right there for you on the page in front of your eyes if not already working its way through the steady climb of “Human” through your ears already.

But you will hear…don’t fret your pretty little heads.

Ellen sings softly and sweetly with perfect pitch and tone as she opens up strongly atop the sparse beginning of the beat to “Human.” She’s written an interesting scene…lots of description in the lyrics that help you picture the atmosphere they’re creating. Like, I don’t know about mustard seeds coming into any other song I’ve ever heard, but for some odd reason this really managed to create the visuals! Her flow is gentle and has a truly professional touch; it’s a sparkling performance that she should be extremely proud of. Although she reaches fantastic heights in the final chorus burst, it’s the breakdown itself I think she captivated me most in. Left all alone to her own devices, she absolutely nailed the tone and emotion necessary to compliment the dramatic energy in the music. Ellen nails the backing vocals…everything here really; again, she should be mighty proud of how “Human” has come out.

Musically, you’ve got to appreciate Kurt’s ability to orchestrate HUGE music that really shifts around with vibrant life and sonic dynamics. Together, they’ve mapped-out “Human” to perfection and really allowed both the vocals and music to take their turn in the spotlight. As the beat subtly kicks-in, it triggers Ellen to step to the next level, and when she responds, it becomes vice-versa and the music finds another level to reach for as well.

Worldwide Groove Corporation and the masterful duo making the music have always found ways to compliment and challenge each other…and they progress as they move on with their career in new & exciting ways. It’s inspiring enough to know they’re out there, constantly making new music for us all…but this particular track shows incredible growth and maturity have already begun to set in deep throughout the Worldwide Groove Corporation with one of their most addictive singles yet to date.

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