Scarlett – “Heroes”

Check this out!  Extremely well-shot & well-played cover of David Bowie’s mega-hit “Heroes” by Atlanta, Georgia’s own rock-band Scarlett.  Set at the Madlife Stage and Studios – Scarlett both looks & sounds spectacular as they confidently take on a timeless crowd-favorite and do real justice to the original with a faithful rendition that also highlights […]Read More

Baum Jr. – “When I Grow Up”/”Heroes”

Baum Jr. – “When I Grow Up”/”Heroes” – Singles Review I definitely dig what I’ve read and researched on the music of Baum Jr., solo-artist from the UK.  From everything I’ve checked out on paper in learning about him…he digs rock…he digs electro…he digs 8-bit video games – so I figure I’ve gotta be in […]Read More