SBS Podcast 030

On episode 030 of the SBS Podcast we take it into the independent Rap & Hip-Hop scene to prove just how incredibly solid it really is right now. Cuts from: Chames, The L.A.W., GiANT The Artist, Genius Picaso, Souleye, Chartt, Da Challenger, TrackSevenBand and featuring a doubleshot from an exceptional artist we’ve just been recently […]Read More

GiANT, The Artist – The Ocean

GiANT, The Artist – The Ocean – EP Review Certainly haven’t forgotten the impact this mixtape-master released the last time out when we reviewed GiANT, The Artist’s record HiberNation – that album smashed all-expectations and of course, raised-up the hopes and expectations for what might come next from this innovative creator.  Over nine-new tracks on […]Read More

Giant The Artist – HiberNation

Giant The Artist – HiberNation: The MixTape – Review Ahhhh the mix-tape; is there a genre with more potential for incredible atmosphere? I’ve got one on right now – I’m checking out Giant The Artist and his new release HiberNation and it’s everything I was looking for right now. Well-mixed and some incredible choices for samples, you […]Read More

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