SBS Podcast 112

Our first episode in 2021!  Come get some independent music in ya! We’ve got an entire lineup featuring a stellar selection of fantastic female voices gathered from far & wide throughout the independent music-scene – tune in & turn up!  We’ll be spinning tunes from Hanging From The Rafters, Bees In A Bottle, Amilia K […]Read More

SBS Podcast 077

Take a trip through ten powerfully emotional, sweetly charming & uniquely soulful tunes on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll get into all kinds of incredible cuts from the past to the present, discuss the madness of our recent site updates & struggles turning the beard of Jer @ SBS grey, and take […]Read More

Georgina Revell – “Grounded”

Georgina Revell – “Grounded” – Single Review Up until this point, Georgina Revell has been held back, or holding out on us.  She’s been solidly establishing herself in the music-scene over the past two-three years…but all through covers, remixes and as a featured artist on other songs by other people…but she’d yet to have given […]Read More