Freemoor – “Alive”

 Freemoor – “Alive”

Freemoor – “Alive” – Single Review


Freemoor might just be the very definition of versatility and hybrid sound.  I am STOKED on this guy!

“Alive” crushes…creatively, sound-wise, performance…you name it, Freemoor’s tapped right into the incredible vibes running through this single-worthy tune and taken every moment to its max potential.  With STYLE I might add!  For real…the amount of crossover appeal in this one song alone is more than noteworthy, it’s one of the main assets of “Alive” – Freemoor could reach a ton of people with a sound as bold, inventive, and catchy as he’s got goin’ on here.  The brand-new video he’s got supporting this track slays too, touching on important issues like depression, self-image, and of course, the positive threads that run through the wild energy & lyrical-imagery that Freemoor puts into this single.

Make no mistake, this is an artist that completely knows what he’s doing.

“Alive” moves with such impressive precision & professionalism, such style, melody, and groove, that you’ll find your way into this song one way or the other.  Like if I’m being as entirely honest with y’all as I always am, what Freemoor has created here on “Alive” contains sonic-elements that go from a Finger Eleven style of Rock-catchiness & charisma, to the soul of something more epic like Prince would create at his most energetic.  You see what I’m saying dear readers, dear friends?  THIS is what hybrid sound IS.  Freemoor exemplifies what being flexible is all about when it comes to the borders of his music, pushing the boundaries in every direction and including all kinds of different aspects to the dimensions of sound from Pop to R&B, Rock to Soul – and somehow, even with everything he’s got in the mix here, it all fits.  Look – I’ll prove it to ya – check out the official video for Freemoor’s new single “Alive” below!

Smart additions like the ticking clock in the background at the beginning of “Alive” as Freemoor references time in his lyricism – and LISTEN to the way that this song develops will ya?  That explosion of soul-infused sound in the chorus with the vocal harmonies coming out so spectacular – that’s pure audio awesomeness right there is what that is.  Here’s what I’m talking about when it comes to crossover sound & potential, on display for all to hear – not only will you hear a Hip-Hop twist in this tune, but there’s a solid chance that a ton of “Alive” will even remind you of gripping industrial acts like Nine Inch Nails or Stabbing Westward at their most Pop-inclined & catchy – Freemoor is all these things & more.  Quite honestly, I don’t know how anyone out there could hear this song and be anything less than impressed by what they hear – there’s not a moment out of place and the performances are electrifying.

I kept coming back to this one line he’d sing at the end of the chorus, which shouts out the title…”It’ll make you feel alive.”  Of course in the context of the lyrics, the ‘it’ can mean several things that Freemoor is referring to – but it also really hit home as like, a main summation of how I felt about this entire song in general…a true description of what it’s like to discover music that’s truly refreshing – “It’ll make you feel alive.”  That’s exactly what a great single should leave you feeling like, every time, 100%.  Or course we all know, it’s much more rare than that – and that’s what makes “Alive” so freakin’ great.

PERFECT amount of electro-infused sound in the mix to amp-up the power & impact this cut makes – there’s not a single thing I’d even be tempted to complain about when it comes to what I hear on “Alive.”  Production is noteworthy, the performances are exceptional, the ideas, words, and how this song communicates & reaches out to you in ways that sincerely connect, is essentially second to none.  I not only think there’s room for a single like this out there in the world, I think Freemoor is capable of creating a genuine space of his own – this dude is clearly ready to lead the way into a new vision for what crossover sound can be like to experience and he’s certainly getting a huge green-light from me.

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