SBS Live This Week 119

One last episode for the end of the year! Check out a brand-new video-interview with Ian Dellinger of The Infidels on the latest episode of SBS Live This Week!  We’ll talk about the latest record Mental Wealth and give you all kinds of nuggets of knowledge about The Infidels throughout the show, and you know […]Read More

0157 – Filthy Little Thieves Album III

We had a TON of fun with this crew back in our BC days.  Gord (Bass), his two kids Alex (Guitar) & Griffin (Drums), and Tony (Vocals, Guitar) had already been out to the studio for an interview on SBS Live This Week in the year before – so we brought them back in 2014 […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 055

The final episode with our time from our interview with EverydayMusicTV‘s creator – Rod Matheson! With music/videos from his collection including The Wooden Sky and The Crooked, and including spotlights on Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates and singer/songwriter Mike Contoni – check it out!Read More

SBS Live This Week 054

Part III of our interview with mind-behind-the-music of the EverydayMusicTV channel, Mr. Rod Matheson. Featuring music from Charming Timur, comedy from MindStretchLand with Jason & Jef and videos from the EDMTV archives with Hannah Epperson and Tom Wilson – check it out!Read More

0127 – Closer Album III

After missing the cut in 2013 as a brand-new band auditioning for a spot in the 1000 day series from Rod Matheson on his EverydayMusicTV channel – we brought back Closer as veterans of the indie-scene by the time the opportunity came back around a year later.  This time we even conned the noise-rock champions […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 053

Check out Part II of our time with Rod Matheson from EverydayMusicTV discussing his adventures throughout 1000 days of filming and posting unique bands/artists up to the internet. Spotlight on the grind of modern-day hip-hop artist Linkz and music/videos from Kat Hamill, Matthew Good & Dave Gould – check it out!Read More

SBS Live This Week 052

Welcome to the show! Check out Part I of our interview with Rod Matheson of EverydayMusicTV. A fearless warrior and force in the independent music-scene, videographer and extreme gentleman – it’s our pleasure to showcase some of the work he’s shot along the way throughout his journey of 1000 Days taking videos and posting unique […]Read More