Doc Jazz – “That Train”

Doc Jazz – “That Train” – Single Review I’m nothing but fair.  When the material is good, I’ll tell ya that, even if I’m not a huge fan of the artist or band that makes it, or if a song is outside of the genres I’d normally listen to.  I generally don’t have a lot […]Read More

Doc Jazz – “Friendzone”

Doc Jazz – “Friendzone” – Single Review Well now…it’s been more than a minute or two since we’ve had Doc Jazz up on our pages, has it not?  I remember this quirky cat from back in 2017 when we reviewed a track he had circulatin’ called “It Takes Love” featuring Toy Matthews…heck – that’s nearly […]Read More

Doc Jazz – “It Takes Love” Feat. Toy Matthews

Doc Jazz – “It Takes Love” Feat. Toy Matthews – Single Review Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in music it’s that you gotta respect a great name when you stumble across one.  Doc Jazz!  Dig that cool cats…the doctor is officially in the house tonight y’all…turn the lights down low […]Read More