Doc Jazz – “It Takes Love” Feat. Toy Matthews

 Doc Jazz – “It Takes Love” Feat. Toy Matthews

Doc Jazz – “It Takes Love” Feat. Toy Matthews – Single Review

Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in music it’s that you gotta respect a great name when you stumble across one.  Doc Jazz!  Dig that cool cats…the doctor is officially in the house tonight y’all…turn the lights down low and get yourself ready to be in the mood for some LOVIN because Doc Jazz is here to provide the vibe, you dig?  Complete with assistance from Toy Matthews in the backing vocals in an absolutely stellar performance – “It Takes Love” – and it takes real harmony, focus and heart to deliver a track this smooth and these two pull it all off with convincing charm & charisma.

Like a classic R&B/Soul-infused jam from the Barry White-era (as IF the Barry White era could ever end!) – the music behind the vocals glides along on a cushion of air.  Built on a strong foundation of what sounds like ace studio-musicians doing their thang – as far as I know, the words, music, recording, production and of course, lead-vocals can all be traced back to the hard-work and smooth-efforts of just ONE man, you guessed it – Doc Jazz.  So real credit to the man at the helm here…the production, precision and professionalism you can hear in the music itself is right on the money.  Lyrically, “It Takes Love” definitely fulfills its titular-promise with romance-infused lyricism that’s a staple of the genre & sound, echoing the mood of the music with matching tones, sentiment and passion in the vocals.

As far as the vocals of Doc Jazz are concerned, I think he does a really great job of getting the energy and tone right throughout the majority of the song.  There are a couple of subtle moments here and there where you can tell it’s a bit tougher to maintain the hold on the higher-tones, but for the most-part, he’s right in-line with how you’d want to sound in recreating a classic-sound, style & vibe like you hear on “It Takes Love.”  It can be a difficult thing to get the amount of power you need to supply the tone in a vibe this laidback & chilled-out…Doc Jazz does a solid job matching the energy he needs to glide along with the music and there are only a few spots where you hear a slight break in the tone he’s seeking.  When it comes to the style in how he sings and the execution, you’ve gotta admire how well he really has done in emulating the truly classic-vibe in that old-school, love-filled R&B/Soul mixture.

Talent often attracts talent though – and that’s certainly the case here with Doc Jazz introducing us to the outstanding vocals from Toy Matthews that soar throughout her performance.  She is truly stunning in the background and brings multiple strengths to this song through both its verse and chorus.  Combined together, the two vocal-sounds are a genuine complement to each other that works fantastically well…a real testament to the right kind of collaboration whereby each performer really brings their own sound & style confidently into the song.  With several highlight moments shared between them, they’ve put in noteworthy, strong performances that fit right into the atmosphere and intentions of the music.


Doc Jazz has got you covered in the visual department as well!  I told you this guy is solid!  Have a look at the video for “It Takes Love” below…it’s an awesome combination of music-video-meets-lyric-video; you not only get the words but you also get to see the man himself.  Seriously…it’s an impressive edit and a spectacular result; the video for “It Takes Love” came out highly entertaining through the way it’s been put together – check it out for yourself!

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