D’Lemor – “Shine”

So here we are, at long last!  I’ve been waiting to tell you about D’Lemor. …and I am in fact, going to dare her to dream. Here’s the thing…or perhaps several things…we’ll see how this goes, you know how I like to ramble… When I first crossed paths with D’Lemor not too long ago, I […]Read More

SBS Podcast 118

It’s that magical time once again! Back after our break, we’ve got loads of new info for ya!  We’ll be talking about the latest tunes from D’Lemor, RC Morton, and PolloMadeIt on this episode of the show, and spinning a double-shot of Leo Harmonay in addition to cuts from Dave Wirth, Sail Cassady, Torin Muccino, […]Read More