SBS Podcast 044

An awesome lineup of tunes as we discuss the importance of loving the process & loving the journey when it comes to making your music!  Featuring rants about what you’ll find in the latest music from The Foshays and Paul Denis – with double-shots of their tunes for good measure!   Your official show lineup […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 023

Before the show gets going again and SBS makes the move to Ottawa, Ontario – we’ve got a couple episodes to put out in the meantime, starting with this one from back in the day featuring an interview between Jer @ SBS & rapper JC Seals III. The first audio-interview SBS ever technically did, long […]Read More

Dash The Baptist – The Book Of Dash

Dash The Baptist – The Book Of Dash – EP Review I think…somehow…in about twenty-four hours past our site’s recent troubles, that we pulled it off…we caught up…we’re moving forward again and reasonably back on schedule! And besides…as they say, each day is a new day right? So either way, behind or ahead, each one […]Read More