SBS Live This Week 051

New all-music episode for ya! Music/Videos From:  Annie Becker,  Nixie,  Aztec,  Filthy Little Thieves,  Lyrical Assassin,  Lindstrom And The Limit,  ES The Music Sides,  hidingtobefound,  Davidson Calfee and a spotlight on the music of Curtis Lee Putman – come get it!!!Read More

Curtis Lee Putman – “#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride)”

Curtis Lee Putman – “#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride)” – Single Review Alright…well…here we are in Country-Music land…which for the most part, you know I don’t fit-in here.  I can’t fool you readers out there – nor would I even begin to try; Country-music is well-outside of my genres of choice and that’s no secret.  But […]Read More