SBS Podcast 059

Killer cuts on this episode of the SBS Podcast! We’ll give ya some Funk, some Rap, some Electro-Pop, some Psychedelic – and we’ll head right into the bizarre & beautiful in all its independent music-scene glory. New cuts from B.U.D. & Cash Gordon, Neon Radiation, Victoria Celestine, RaR Feat. J. Burney – classics tracks from […]Read More

Christian Farrar – Earney Road Sessions

Christian Farrar – Earney Road Sessions – Album Review Like clockwork, here he comes…we heard from rapper Christian Farrar in 2014 with the album Kaizen, then in 2016 with Shitty Music You Won’t Understand…and now here we are, two years have passed once again and before the ball drops to start that next New Year’s […]Read More

Christian Farrar – Shitty Music You Won’t Understand

Christian Farrar – Shitty Music You Won’t Understand – Album Review ALWAYS good to see an artist return to our pages – especially the off-kilter and crazy-ones like Christian Farrar.  I think it was nearly a year back now since we last heard from this mixtape-madman…and did I expect to hear that this guy has […]Read More

Christian Farrar – Kaizen

Christian Farrar – Kaizen – Mixtape Review If there’s one thing I can understand from a handful of listens to Christian Farrar’s new mixtape Kaizen…it’s that this guy definitely understands the power of the mixtape genre. While most ‘mixtapes’ often play out like an emcee roaming for a home, Farrar is playing this out much […]Read More