SBS Podcast 067

Ready to take ya all over the musical map with a whole range of sounds & songs from our incredible independent music-scene – come join in the audio awesomeness!  Got excellent stuff in the mix from Cheena Black Monrow, Toby Poynter, Matthew Hipps, Dylan Schneider, I, Useless, and Onetwothreescream for ya on the show today, […]Read More

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future – Mixtape Review I’m stoked to find out how this story of Cheena Black Monrow turned out; she teased us in 2015 with the Black 2 The Future Promo and I’ve been wondering what became of the full mixtape, and now here we are – Black 2 […]Read More

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future Promo

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future Promo – Singles Reviewed When you look at the STAGGERING amount of respect & attention that Cheena Black Monrow & her music receive, it changes the perspective almost. Considering the fact that just about ANY of her singles have a higher hit-count than just about anything we’ve […]Read More

Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You” / ”Hey Boy”

Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You”/”Hey Boy” – Singles Review Definitely a vibe that I can appreciate here big time on these two latest singles from Cheena Black Monrow – this is authentic music made with real style & full of the artistic-grace you can find amongst the best in R&B combined with dynamic […]Read More

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