Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You” / ”Hey Boy”

 Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You” / ”Hey Boy”

Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You”/”Hey Boy” – Singles Review

Definitely a vibe that I can appreciate here big time on these two latest singles from Cheena Black Monrow – this is authentic music made with real style & full of the artistic-grace you can find amongst the best in R&B combined with dynamic beats that will fit perfectly onto her upcoming mixtape Black 2 The Future. Truly, these songs have a lot of heart and a lot of sweetness to them both and make for an audibly irresistible arrangement that’s as smooth as butter.

The first of the two I checked out was “I Love You,” and I was instantly rewarded for my choice with a melodic rhythm & groove I couldn’t possibly deny and a fantastically majestic performance from Cheena Black Monrow. She’s confident, solid in tone and has a versatile & beautiful voice. Full of vocalizations and smart choices of improv alongside her verse and chorus – she’s clearly a singer unafraid to let herself go after what she wants in her sound; she delivers flawlessly. It has an old-school feel to it all…like you’re hearing it on a vinyl-record back in the day. I’m a big fan of tracks that use that element when it’s done right and not overpowering; there’s just a hint of it here on this first single “I Love You,” and it’s the perfect finishing touch on this sweet tune.

“Hey Boy” still has the classic throwback-feel to the music…it feels like these tunes pay major respect to the artists & acts like Aretha Franklin, The Supremes and Patti Labelle whom paved the way for Cheena Black Monrow to exist and thrive along today. Great production on both tracks boosts the level of the music all the way throughout these two singles, which again displays incredible promise for her upcoming mixtape release. Back-to-back these tracks move at a similar pulse – but both of these songs seem to be an awesome glimpse into the mind & talent of a truly fantastic artist with a beautiful sound. A little more playful here on “Hey Boy” than on “I Love You,” both modes seem to suit Cheena well and show the diversity needed in her own tone & performance to make a person more than interested in hearing her future releases. Vibrantly providing bright & fantastic vocals to the mix & beat on every bar – you can count me as one of the many music-fans out there highly-anticipating & fully looking forward to the full release of Black 2 The Future later this year.

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