Chaz Chambers – “Grey (She Smiles)”

Chaz Chambers – “Grey (She Smiles)” – Single Review I suppose it’s been nearly two years since last we got our hands/ears on some new stuff from the reliable source of music-entertainment known as Chaz Chambers.  Always enjoyed this guy’s ideas in his writing…there’s a uniqueness in Chaz’s music that I believe comes incredibly naturally […]Read More

Chaz Chambers – Colored World

Chaz Chambers – Colored World – EP Review Ahhh yes! Here it IS! The much anticipated full EP from musical innovationist Chaz Chambers dubbed Colored World. Ever since getting our first snapshot of this Denver, Colorado-based musician through reviewing the lead single “Calming Pressures” earlier this year; to say I had high-hopes and expectations about […]Read More

Chaz Chambers – “Calming Pressures”

Chaz Chambers – “Calming Pressures” – Single Review What a refreshing, pure and beautiful sound coming to us from the mind of Chaz Chambers. His new single, “Calming Pressures,” features a host of musicians in collaboration all combining their talents in a summation of inventive rock, intense melody and one absolutely killer song. And if […]Read More

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