Charles Ryan Davis – 3

Charles Ryan Davis – 3 – Album Review Right on, right on – always rad to have Charles Ryan Davis in the mix.  We’re reaching back to last year in this review, when he released his record 3 in 2018 – a concept album.  Here’s the synopsis from CRD himself:  “Kade wins the lottery. He […]Read More

Charles Ryan Davis – Six

Charles Ryan Davis – Six – EP Review Busy year for good ol’ Mr. Charles Ryan Davis – Six would be his third record of 2019…at least, so far. When you run into creative & inspired output like this, you really never know, there could still be more to come later on in the final […]Read More

Charles Ryan Davis – “Modesty”

Charles Ryan Davis – “Modesty” – Single Review So…hmm… …it was actually just earlier this month that we checked out the record Four by Charles Ryan Davis…but that’s not what’s got my wheels turning here…it’s actually more to do with the notes I’ve got in behind the scenes from the man himself addressing that past […]Read More

Charles Ryan Davis – Four

Charles Ryan Davis – Four – Album Review The uniqueness in the music of Charles Ryan Davis is something you’ll notice right away when it comes to his new record Four.  As “Cymbal + Kick” started up, you can hear all kinds of telling elements in the music & songwriting that’ll tell ya you’re in […]Read More