SBS Live This Week 100

Who’s still up & eatin’ candy?  Got some candy for your ears & eyes right here is what we’ve got!  Happy Halloween everyone.  Got a brand-new episode featuring all kinds of music & vids from:  Colorstarr, Bone Nest, Clay Hughes, Elite|Fitrea, The ATif, S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm, Joseph Tonelli, I, Useless – and […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 092

Check out a set from the First Five Years of SBS being out there in the scene, this one coming from a one-off solo-project known as Quasar playing live at the 2015 CIVL Radio Battle Of The Bands!  Stick around for a bonus video from a highly creative & colorful new video from Bone Nest […]Read More

Bone Nest – “Hollow/Clay”

Bone Nest – “Hollow/Clay” –  Single Review This might just be too awesome for us all. Bone Nest is set to breakout from San Francisco in sunny California in 2018 & spread a fresh, tripped-out, & intoxicatingly-creative vibe throughout the world beyond.  Songs have been popping up online this week as Bone Nest makes its […]Read More