Bone Nest – “Hollow/Clay”

 Bone Nest – “Hollow/Clay”

Bone Nest – “Hollow/Clay” –  Single Review

This might just be too awesome for us all.

Bone Nest is set to breakout from San Francisco in sunny California in 2018 & spread a fresh, tripped-out, & intoxicatingly-creative vibe throughout the world beyond.  Songs have been popping up online this week as Bone Nest makes its way towards the release of the upcoming self-titled record – and believe me when I say, I could have chosen any of them to review or post up here; everything I’ve seen & heard is undoubtedly some of the most vibrantly unique stuff I’ve experienced this year.  The music has been insanely inventive, revealing multi-dimensional ideas that satisfy the mind just as much as the speakers…and these videos are freakin’ righteously rad to watch.  Seems to be, Bone Nest is going about this music thing in all the right ways – I highly recommend keeping your eyes & ears on this highly skilled and wildly courageous artist/producer/mind-alterer/music-sorcerer/straight-up-WIZARD-of-sound.  I seriously dig this…call me crazy but I just have the feeling that there’s no possible way you’ll be disappointed either with the limitless potential to combine imagination, art, & music.  An experience with Bone Nest is certain to be a trip you’ll remember taking.

So hellz yeah, I’m doing my best to spread the word…y’all know how I feel about art & music combined.  You’ll be able to find “Hollow/Clay” on our channels, episode 092 of our show SBS Live This Week as well, and definitely right here at the page…just to make sure we’re flagging down as many people as we can to support music like this that truly brings something new to the table.  I’m not entirely sure what they’re putting in the water over there in San Francisco…but I’m down for a bottle or two; the genuine authenticity in Bone Nest’s creations & overall sound is artistically & sonically appealing on all fronts.

This is EXCITING!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, “Hollow/Clay” is certainly a chill cut when it comes to its own sound & atmosphere – but this amount of focus & the high-standard being set for the music in both the audio/visual levels is incredibly impressive.  It’s the ENTIRE combination as a whole that gets me so amped up!  Like – I’m seriously stoked for Bone Nest and the opportunity this project has to reap the benefits of artistic rewards.  I’m not talking about money…I’m sure Bone Nest is fine with making some dough like the rest of us, but that’s clearly not what this is about at all – examine it and you’ll find that this is the purest pursuit of art & music you can discover through a warped psychedelic lens.  You can call it different, bizarre, unique, LIFE CHANGING – the music of Bone Nest might just affect you in profound ways you never assumed were even possible – but the bottom line is that there is zero doubt about the stunning quality & creativity in these ideas and what is clearly a dedicated mission to bring something altogether new to the people out there.  And if you’re reading these pages of ours – it’s pretty damn safe to say that this is the kind of artist you’re looking for…I live for material & music that’s off the beaten path…Bone Nest completely embodies this.

If you’ve already clicked the video up top & experienced the amazing video that comes along with “Hollow/Clay” then you’ve gotten a great dose of the ingenious way art & music are being fused together within this electro-based project.  Does it have typical hooks?  Heck no!  Trust me when I say, the world is so full of ‘radio’ songs that it can barely house any more of them anyhow – and that what we all need to be doing collectively is be celebrating the new-world paradigm that allows us to bring substance like “Hollow/Clay” to the forefront…and share the living daylights out of Bone Nest in hopes that this project continues on for many, many years to come.  Like I had mentioned before – the sheer benefits to the soul that would come from pursuing such an artistic endeavor so full-on with such commitment…I can only imagine how rewarding that would be on a personal level, and how much the inspiration of discovery could potentially drive Bone Nest forward to expand in ways we couldn’t even begin to foresee.  The main point being…we’ve all heard what the radio has to offer…we should all be embracing art as strongly as Bone Nest clearly is – you can hear it in the music without question and you can certainly see it in the videos that are coming out as well…especially “Hollow/Clay” in my opinion.  While there are other fantastic visuals & songs up on the Bone Nest YouTube channel like “Setufree,” “Fkbyzantm,” “Heart Like A Rabbit” and the absolutely KILLER new video for “HiLikeMe” featuring Social Christ onscreen posted-up online only hours ago – I kept coming back to the vividly colorful video and electronically serene sounds of “Hollow/Clay.”  The subtle bass melody hits home and the surrounding atmosphere is brilliant…the vocals have multiple moments of textural poetic expressions that drift in & out of the sweetness in the subtle sound of the music surrounding them.  None of it is typical, none of it is anything that you could see coming or predict somehow…that’s the level of uniqueness here.  And as chilled-out as it may be, in my own humble estimation, it captivates the mind & demands the attention.  If the music isn’t the first thing you notice, it’s only because the freakin’ video for “Hollow/Clay” is so damn amazing!  Seriously…what an incredible pairing & match for the vibe of this single…it’s more than commendable, it’s an award worthy combination…I’m more than stoked to continue following Bone Nest down the rabbit hole as far as this project is willing to take us – the creativity here is off the charts.

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