SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 009

RAD interview in between Ryan @ SBS & Steve Barmash of Blackout Lights.  Come learn about his Van-city based grunge-rock/alternative band, hear a classic tune from their last EP and a BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE TUNE from the upcoming “Blaster EP” being released THIS MONTH!  But YOU can hear it FIRST – right here on the […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 008

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh snap!  Ryan @ SBS talks with Kyle Schepens of the indie-pop/rock-alternative band AZTEC! We also hit up some music from Montreal’s Oh My Snare! As if that wasn’t enough…we’ve got some awesome music from Stocatta on the show…good ol’ Canadian mix & mayhem on the podcast today – come check it out! To become […]Read More

500th Review!

Don’t know if I ever imagined a bearded guy like me could be looking at a number as fine as this one is! I’m not blogging long today…but I do want to take the time to say a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you and to take a moment to thank […]Read More

What A Start To The Year!

2015 has come out STRONG people! After claiming top spot for our BEST NEW SOUND of 2014, we announced our winner as chosen by the music-fans out there worldwide connecting with us and the music, the indie-folk band West My Friend got this year started on the right note, our undisputed contest winners. Things continued […]Read More

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