SBS Podcast 016

Today we discover the true impact that a movie like High Fidelity has made on good ol’ Jer @ SBS…and whether or not his musical A.D.D. was better off beforehand! Featuring incredible tunes from throughout the independent music-scene in all genres and styles…check out songs from N0va, Seashaped, Correigh, Audiobender, Cosmonaut Radio, The Cellophane Heart, […]Read More

Audiobender – Pour Me An Encore

Audiobender – Pour Me An Encore – Album Review You know something?  I woke up in the mood for something like this.  I reached for Built To Spill first thing this morning and kind of got in that mindset for the free-wheeling aspect of rock-music combined with smart pop inclinations…and now here we are, with […]Read More

Audiobender – Reverb

Audiobender – Reverb – Album Review Alright…let’s see if Audiobender can keep this day headed in the right musical direction! Definitely feeling good about the potential here for another great album coming to us this morning as the new album Reverb starts out rocking hard & fast with “Alright With Me.” The good-times and good-music […]Read More